Gluten Modified Menu

Gluten Modified Menu


String Cheese
Strawberry Banana Yogurt
Honey Nut Cheerios
Rice Krispies
Gluten Free Muffin
Gluten Free Bread with Peanut Butter

Hot Entree Options
Hamburger/Cheeseburger on Gluten Free Bun
Gluten Free Cheese Pizza
Gluten Free Chicken Tenders
Corn Tortilla Chips with Nacho Cheese Sauce
Grilled Chicken Patty on Gluten Free Bun
Turkey Hot Dog on Gluten Free Bun

Sandwich/Other Options
Peanut Butter & Jelly on Gluten Free Bread
Turkey & Cheese on Gluten Free Bread
Gluten Free Muffin, String Cheese & Yogurt

We require a 504 medical form to be on file with the Food Service Department. We offer gluten free menu items to students who have a medical need for this restriction.

Our school kitchens prepare multiple items containing gluten. We cannot guarantee these items to be 100% gluten free. Our food service staff will take all the necessary precautions to prevent cross contamination.

Gluten Free items will be prepared and packaged separately from gluten-containing items.